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Wealth Preservation Attorney in Palm Beach County

After spending decades accumulating your wealth, it is only natural that you want to preserve it for future generations. At Bankier, Arlen & Snelling Law Group, PLLC, our Palm Beach County wealth preservation attorneys are prepared to help you do just that.

While you may approach wealth preservation from an investment point and seek only to continue growing your wealth, we approach it from a legal perspective and strive to protect your current and future assets through strategic planning and policy.

Protecting your wealth as it is and as it grows

Our entire practice focuses on estate planning, with an emphasis on wealth preservation, asset management and business succession. These various aspects of estate planning are intertwined and require an attorney experienced in all three.

We understand the risks certain life events such as divorce, income taxes, estate taxes and poor decision making can pose to your estate. Our skilled lawyers rely on a variety of estate planning tools to protect your estate, such as:

  • Wills
  • Business succession planning
  • Trusts
  • Generation-skipping trusts

Generation-skipping trusts

Under federal law, most inheritances can be structured as generation-skipping trusts. While many interpret this to mean that the trust actually skips a generation, that is incorrect. It simply means that the trust can pass from one generation to the next without being subject to state or federal estate taxes. We use generation-skipping trusts and other estate planning techniques to lower or eliminate estate and gift taxes, thereby preserving the inheritance for future generations. Generation-skipping trusts also protect inheritances from divorce, creditors and bankruptcy.

Trust Bankier, Arlen & Snelling Law Group, PLLC for experienced Palm Beach County estate planning attorneys

Protect your legacy. Preserve your wealth. Contact Bankier, Arlen & Snelling Law Group, PLLC online or call our Delray Beach office at 866.919.6329 for comprehensive legal counsel for your estate planning and business succession needs.